Convergence of Military Revolutions

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Running Head: Convergence of "Military Revolutions" How did the convergence of "Military Revolutions" contribute to the costly and indecisive character of World War I? Submitted by [Name of Researcher] Name of Discipline [Area of Study] Name of Institution Logo of Institution 22 January 2012 Contents I. Introduction 3 II. Plans made in anticipation of the War and Doctrine failed. 3 III. Evolved weapons technologies resulted in prolonged stalemate and enormous losses of personnel and equipment. 5 IV. Both sides tried innovations to break the deadlock. 6 V. Conclusion 6 References 8 I. Introduction World War I was an epic war in the history of mankind. It is purportedly the sixth largest war in human history. And in its eventuality nearly 32 countries were involved. (Townshend, 1997 ) Both sides, the Allies and the Central Powers were fighting for power and world dominance, and both were equally strong and populous. Moreover, military tactics were old following from Napoleonic wars, whereas arms and equipment were innovated. Therefore, each side had to first learn the ways of using these weapons and in their experiments with the weaponry in war killed thousands of people with neither side being able to claim categorical victory. The war carried on for nearly four year, and while it may not have been the longest war, its nature was indecisive and had Germany not stopped and called for an armistice, there would have been more fighting and killing.
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