Convergence vs. Divergence

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Developments throughout the technological age have brought many new and challenging problems along with its many wonders. Rapid, global transportation, the scientific quest for economic dominance and the internet all are relatively new technologies that forces the world to look upon itself as new work in progress. Culture and all of its components are affected by this new paradigm and an investigation into its finer points will help in gaining a new understanding of how society functions. The purpose of this essay is to explain the concept of crossvergence of culture within global society by analyzing the evidence provided in the Kelley, MacNab, and Worthley study. It is necessary to first summarize their argument and define culture to contextualize the argument. Next, I will examine the smaller ideas contained within the theory , specifically, the ideas of convergence and divergence, in order to fully explain the argument. Article Summary Kelley et al (2006) attempted to build upon the crossvergence theory by examining banking sectors within the communities of Hong Kong, Taiwan and the United States. They argued that, "the evidence of relative sample convergence, particularly in relation to collectivism and uncertainty avoidance, along with select, individual region static positions for cultural dimensions provide support for the crossvergence theory." They hypothesized that from the time of 1985 through 2000, certain cultural dimensions have changed within these
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