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b) how do technologies, push strategy and pull strategy apply in a convergent marketing communication industry
Technology-push strategy: Website can be the place that can let customer easily to get news and updated of the new designs of the boots at John’s boots. Then, they can per-order and purchase online at John’s Boots’s website. Other than this, customer also can put the ordering through the phone call or phone apps (John’s Boots app).
4. How do digital marketing, social media and content marketing used together to drive consumer behaviour?

Convergent marketing Help to drive consumer behaviour digital marketing The digital technologies like internet that is a platform that can deliver the product detail and the good sharing of
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Regarding John’s Boots, their brand image is from they produce the quality products to the consumer like comfort to wear and good material.
• Social media: Social media like advertising is good to let more people to know about John’s Boots and maintain the customer who is support John’s boots products. A new and trendy design can attract the sight of the boots lover. In the additional, there are more people to know about John’s boots is good quality boots and comfort to wear.

To know and understanding the product of the competitor. Regarding John’s Boots, competitive advantagesis good to avoid the same the same idea or trend with competitor and understanding strength of their design and marketing strategy. • Social media: From the social media, we can know that the strategy of the competitor and their boots design. Some more, we can also know their consumer age and ability spend range.

Good quality in material Regarding John’s Boots, product featuresis good and lasting on the material. • online blogs: John’s boots can create an online blog is just the material which use by John’s Boots and the experiments that made by John’s boots which is prove the good material that use for produces the product. In the additional, John’s boots can elaborate the design of boots at Johns’ boots how they concern of the consumer that can wear their boots in comfort way besides of the material.

Online website and the
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