Conversation Analysis: Communication, And Contexts

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Conversation Analysis
Conversation analysis refers to a model of analyzing spoken communication or interactions for the determination of how language develops within social contexts. It is useful in understanding interactions with classroom settings, courtrooms and in interviews (Sidnell, 2011). Conversation analysis provides a framework for assessing specific aspects of an oral interaction, such as opening and closing, topic management, adjacency pairs, feedback, preference organization, turn-taking and repair. Opening and closing is a crucial element of a conversation as it influences the starting and finishing of oral interactions. Notably, different cultures have divergent approaches to opening and closing conversations. Antaki (2011) illustrates that the place of the conversation also influences the nature of opening and closing statements. For instance, communication across online platforms, including social media networks have different opening and closing approaches when compared to face-to-face communication. Sidnell (2011) indicates that
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An effective conversation provides all participants with opportunities of contributing to discourse. Conversation analysis seeks to establish the need for eliminating possibilities of having overly dominant speakers within conversations (Wong & Waring, 2010). Feedback mechanisms are also analyzed to determine whether conversations provide participants with opportunities of providing responses. It is however notable that feedback differs across cultures. Social media platform are designed to provide users with opportunities of providing feedback or expressing their reactions to specific content. However, the language used to provide feedback in social media conversations may not be culturally relevant owing to the divergent cultural values of members of online communities (Thurlow & Mroczek,
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