Conversation Between Rama And Sita From The Ramayana

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Chapter 3 “Conversations Between Rama and Sita from the Ramayana”, Chapter 4 “The Book of Mencius”, and Chapter 5 “Aristotle, On the Family and On Slavery, from The Politics”. I chose these three primary source documents because I felt they were very interesting and they helped me learn, and obtain a very good understanding about what each chapter was about. In Chapter 3 I learnt that the average Indian house is composed of Parents, Children, Uncles, Aunts, and Grandparents. The Husband/Father is the head of the household, and he can marry up to two or more wives. The women of Ancient Indian Societies at the time occupied very important positions for example in the ancient Bharat Varsa women held a far superior position to men. For Instance, Valmiki Ramayana teaches us that Ravana and his entire kingdom was destroyed because he abducted Sita. I feel the story of Rama continues to be so popular because it teaches Hindu life lessons which has been taught throughout Indian History. Each author carefully considers how to select the appropriate primary source document to help in the understanding of material, social, and cultural life in Ancient India. I feel the authors chose this primary source document because it really explains and summarizes the story of the Ramayana and then it also informs readers about the conversation between Rama and Sita from the Ramayana. The information shown in this primary source document relates very well to the chapter because it teaches

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