Conversation On Sonora's Games

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UD: So Mike, you’ve watched a lot of Sonora’s games this year and mostly focused on their defense. How do they look on film?

MO: Their front is really good, their backers play the run really well and their safeties like to come up and get involved. They play downhill football.

UD: It’s no secret that the strength of your offence is the rushing attack. Sonora has a great run defense. Does it excite you as a play caller that the strength of your offense gets to go against the strength of their defense?

MO: I think it’s going to be a good challenge. Our line has yet to play a complete game, but they are big kids and they are learning every week. They are up for the challenge.

UD: Last week was the first week all season that your team was fully healthy. In the win against Hughson, Dominic Esquivel and Alex Prevost were both hurt and you had to rely on Luke
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I would say, it’s a good problem to have, but we have a lot of healthy running backs right now.

UD: Until proven otherwise, Sonora is the best team around. How do you keep your players from being intimidated, or do you think this is some intimidation towards Sonora?

MO: We are never intimidated. I think the guys are confident that if they follow the gameplan this week, we will be in the game. Obviously we have to execute. They are a good team and we have to play well. I don’t think you can find a kid out here who’s intimidated.

UD: You guys have done a great job of protecting the ball as of late. But when you play a really good team like Sonora, how important is it to not turn the ball over and potentially give them a short field to work with?

MO: When you are playing a good team, you can’t make mistakes. We had a few turnovers last year that could definitely swung the momentum. It’s hard to say, ‘Oh, go out there and don’t turn the ball over.’ Nobody’s trying to do that. You hope you don’t pay when it does happen and you try to limit the risky plays that you
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