Converse : More Than Just Shoes

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Converse: More than just shoes
The Chuck Taylor or Converse as everyone knows them, are everlasting icons of American culture. Everyone wears chucks from James Dean in the 60’s to Michelle Obama now. The range of owners of converse is astounding. The range of use in converse is amazing. The Chuck Taylor has been named one of the most influential shoes of all time. Sixty percent of all Americans have owned a pair of Chuck Taylors at least once in their lives. (History)
Converse was founded in 1908 by Marquise Mills in Malden, Massachusetts. Originally, the company made galoshes, rubber shoes made for rain weather. The brand was named the Converse Rubber Shoe Company. In 1917 Converse introduced “The One Star” which a few years later would be given the name “the Chuck Taylor”. The shoe received its name from an extremely energetic salesman named Charles “Chuck” H Taylor. Charles Taylor played basketball for the Akron Firestones in the 1910’s. Charles travelled the country holding basketball clinics and acting as a salesman for the shoe and the company. The first models of the shoes were made in brown leather with black trim. In the 1920’s the shoes began to be made in black canvas and leather. The shoes did not sell well at first (History)
The shoe known as “The Chuck Taylor” has a unique design. The shoes come in high top or low top. The shoes have a thick outsole with a rounded foxing. They have the signature toecap.
They are made of leather, canvas, or suede materials. They…

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