Conversion Disorder And Functional Neurological Symptom Disorder

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Conversion Disorder/Functional Neurological Symptom Disorder


Functional Neurological Disorder Symptoms also known as conversion disorder, is a disorder that doctors say isn’t a real disorder that patients seem to make up. The appearance of conversion disorder is often related to traumas or even milder stressors such as the loss of employment or divorce. The following essay will give a general breakdown of what the conversion disorder is, what the symptoms are, the pathophysiology aspect, possible treatment if any and why this particular disorder.

“It’s all in my head” is a famous lyric from a song written by a well known Hip-Hop artist Nelly, titled “Over and Over”. But is it really all in one’s head. There are many disorders that pertain to the mind, well mostly all disorders with a mental illness, or a person over thinks or thinks too much about or make a big deal of relates to the brain. Conversion Disorder is one of those many disorders that deal with the psychological aspects of things. Conversion disorder also known as Functional Neurological Symptoms Disorder (FNSD) involves motor, sensory, or seizure-like symptoms that are incongruent with any recognized neurological or medical disorders. Just like all psychological or physical disorder one should know all the aspects of the disorder such as what it is, what the symptoms are, how it will be treated and maybe even the physiological processes associated with disease.
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