Conversion Experiences Are the Strongest Evidence for the Existence of God

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Bridging Unit
TASK One: Career Plan

Career aspirations

In the near future I would like to work in primary education. I originally wanted to go into secondary education with a qualification in Religion and Theology, however over the course of my first year in A Levels I realised that I had chosen the wrong subjects and this could be seen in the results that I got. I still wanted to work with children so I decided to go into Primary education. I had thought about two different ways into how I could approach my future ambitions, they are as the following, the first route was to complete my education go to university and complete a degree in Primary education, and my second route was to quite education and go into an apprenticeships,
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Personally I believe that I am organised, I always carry round a diary, where I note down important dates and deadlines, and therefore allowing me to manage my time more efficiently. Another strength that I have is that I know how to operate a computer and I know how to use a computer effectively, at GCSE I got a B in my exam in Information and Technology, therefore giving me an advantage compared to someone who do not know how to use the computer. I also believe that I am confident, and that I have courage and the ability to speak to new people and adapt myself to a new environment without feeling uncomfortable. As well as that, I am also able to work in a group, where I can listen to my members in my group as well as voice my own opinion.

Although I have many strengths, I equally have my weaknesses. One of my major weaknesses is that my revision techniques aren’t as strong as it needs to be, by this I mean that I have the material which is required for the revision, however I do not know how to revise effectively. Although I can speak in public without fear, or voice my opinion without having any difficulties, I am unstable when it comes to writing, I have the basic grammar but because I only moved into England half way through year 4, I
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