Conversion Hysteria

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Sigmund Freud, neurologist and founder of psychoanalysis, was originally interested in the scientific side of medicine and was especially intrigued by the brain. He attended medical school in Vienna with the aspiration to become a medical researcher. From this he was offered a fellowship to study in Paris with neurologist, Jean Charcot. Charcot treated Conversion Hysteria patients using hypnosis. Conversion hysteria is a psychological disorder in which the patients experience physical symptoms but have no evidence of any medical condition. Charcot believed that a traumatic event in someones life could trigger an emotional response that caused these symptoms. Later, Freud returned to Vienna and starting working with Josef Breuer, a physician who was treating hysterics. Breuer was somewhat successful in treating patients with hypnosis. One of his patients, Anna was his most successful and Freud went on to reference his study on Anna in his work. Based upon his work with Breuer, Freud concluded … about the mind.…show more content…
The conscious mind is above the surface and is everything we are currently aware of, the pre-conscious mind is the information were not currently aware of but could easily be retrieved and the unconscious mind is the information we aren't aware of and is irretrievable. Freud’s theory of personality involved 3 parts of personality, the Id, Ego and Superego. The Id is the pleasure principle and all it wants is its need satisfied immediately, it doesn't care how or the consequences. The Ego is the reality principle, it still wants its needs satisfied but takes reality into account by considering social norms or rules and understanding its needs cant be immediately meet. The Superego is the morality principle, all its decisions are made based on their
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