Conversion Optimization : You 're Doing It Wrong

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Conversion Optimization: You 're Doing it Wrong
If you have a website, then you already know that the ultimate goal is to convert visitors into actual paying customers. But, how does one accomplish this feat? How do you take a casual visitor of your page to someone who is willing to open up their wallets and give some of it to you?
There are plenty of strategies, tools and tricks to do just what you desire. Along with the fantastic ideas that businesses have found to be successful, however, there are plenty of flops out there as well. These are the ideas and tricks that really haven 't done anything for the business or that, in some instances, actually work against the business.
What are you doing wrong when it comes to conversion optimization? Continue reading to find out.
Selling Too Much
Nothing will get a yawn faster than a page filled with sales copy. You don 't want to simply sell to your customers, even though this is the ultimate goal. If your customer has no reason to be on your page other than to buy something, they won 't stay. Your goal is to keep them entertained long enough to find something worthwhile to buy from you. So, keep your sales copy for your product pages, keep your visitors engaged and sell to them gently. Trust me, you will see a difference in your conversion optimization.
Not Selling Enough
Alright, I know I just told you to stop selling so much. But, you should sell to your visitors a little. Besides, if you aren 't selling to them, what are you

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