Conversy of Racism in Sports Essay examples

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I. Controversy at the 1968 Olympics! At the 1968 Olympic games a track runner by the Name of Tommy Harper took a stand against racism and inequality by winning the 400 M. dash. As he was awarded his gold medal, he clenched his fist and raised it high in the Air while wearing a black glove. A raised fist was the symbol of equality for the black Power movement of the 1960‘s. African Americans have made a huge impact on the civil Rights movement, especially in sports. The 1940’s and the 1950’s were a rough time in Sports because African Americans were just now being able to play in professional sports. They had to deal with racism, prejudice, and hate. People might have well ruined the Meaning of playing a sport. The only reason to play a…show more content…
i. 58% of kids from a broken home play sports in order to relieve stress. ii. Patrick Willis ( #1 draft pick by the 49er’s) came from a broken home and is now the number one outside linebacker in football. iii. Teens from broken homes are more likely to play, and excel at contact sports. B. Kids from broken homes are more likely to have mental issues that could lead to Serious health problems if they cannot handle the pressure of being a student athlete. i. Kids with a bad family life are less likely to listen to authority and get into more trouble than Kids with a better foundation. ii. Most teens that come from a broken home are unable to meet the requirements to play a sport at a college even if offered a “full ride” to play their desired sport. iii. There are certain regulations in colleges that state the use of drugs and alcohol is prohibited. If an athlete already is hooked on a drug then they won’t stop using it, even if a scholarship is on the line. C. It shouldn't matter if an athlete comes from a broken home or not because if an athlete Puts in the effort, time, and dedication it is required to play then there should be no reason to Prevent them from playing. IV. Are African Americans being treated as equally as whites in sports? (salary, endorsement, publicity,etc.) A. It is hard to say
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