Converting Energy Essay

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Converting Energy
1 The Law of Conservation of Energy states that energy can neither be destroyed or created, only transferred or transformed. That being said, each form of energy has the ability to be converted into another form of energy. And since there are several forms of energy, that makes many different conversions achievable. Almost all technological gadgets convert one energy form into a new one. The vast number of devices that can convert energy into other states of energy are termed transducers. A few types of transducers are antennas, Geiger-Müller tubes, microphones and even the human ear.
Many kinds of energy are used to do a wide variety of physical work. Radiant energy such as solar power takes energy from the sun
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Of course it is still very tempting to want to use fossil fuels because they can be far superior to other energy sources. Fossil fuels can provide a bigger quantity of electricity and an added bonus is that they are a great deal cheaper to utilize. Overall they are more efficient and easier to work with. America and other parts of the world take advantage of using them for so many processes. We use them to make plastic, medications, tar, to heat homes, and produce steel. The uses for fossil fuels are endless and they are so significant to the world we live in today. However, we are tremendously lucky that these fuels are still plentiful all around the world and not all gone from the exploitation of fossil fuels and demand for them too.
Energy Alternatives
3 Naturally one of the best and most convenient energy alternatives to fossil fuels has to be solar energy. The most common way to harness solar energy is from really low maintenance solar collectors. These can be placed onto rooftops of homes and buildings to gather energy from the sun for heating and cooling as well. The solar collectors have pipes inside them that transfer liquid, a mixture of water and alcohol, from the box and into the structure where water is heated in a tank and travels through radiators to heat the air. The downside to solar energy is definitely the price to obtain it and also the fact that some
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