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Converting from ICD 9 to ICD 10 Kaplan University Unit 9 Final Project CM107 Converting from ICD 9 to ICD10 I. Introduction a. Why converting to ICD 10 is important b. What do we need to do to prepare for the transition? II. ICD 10 will affect a lot of people a. It affects providers when diagnosing a patient b. It affects the coders by having to learn a new system III. What you can do to ease the transition a. Upgrade electronic medical record systems b. Upgrade practice management systems c. Update encounter form with most used codes IV. Conclusion a. It is important to make the transition because The International Classification…show more content…
We also need to have our systems upgraded with the correct software. Staff must be aware that the old and new ICD will have to co-exist while the system is reengineered. We must review all of our processes, systems, and reports to find out where icd-9 codes are presently being used. That will make sure that no one is left out once the upgrade takes effect. The transition to ICD-10 gives us an opportunity to focus on our processes. This may also help to ease the transition to ICD-10. The change to the new system will affect many staff members in our clinic. Physicians should find it easier to diagnose patients since this coding set is more specific than the previous one. For instance when previously diagnosing asthma you had 2 choices, intrinsic and extrinsic. With this new set of codes the provider can choose from mild intermittent, mild persistent, and moderate persistent just to name a few. There is a broader range for the providers to select which will make it easier on them. Since there will be more documentation, providers will have to ensure they keep up so as not to get behind. The coders will have to learn 5 times as many sets of codes. They will also have to be re-certified to use ICD10 (AHIMA 03). We

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