Conviction Is An American Drama Television

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Conviction is an American drama television show that centers around a new department of the New York County District Attorney 's Office called the Conviction Integrity Unit or the CIU. The CIU was created to reinvestigate any cases that could have been wrongfully convicted due to any external factors. The team has four members, an Assistant District Attorney (Sam Spencer), a former New York Police Department Detective who became District Attorney Investigator (Maxine Bohen), a Paralegal (Tess Larson) and a Forensic Technician (Frankie Cruz). They work under a Defense Attorney who was intimidated into the job as a result of a possible arrest because of drug possession.
Every week, the team leader must choose a case that has been closed. They have five days to figure out what details in the case which could have by any chance caused a false conviction of an innocent person. They must go through past interviews, witnesses, photos of the crime scenes and any other information that could be in the case files.
The episode that I chose was, A Simple Man, it is about how a man, Leo Scarlata, was convicted of arson and murder. It was proven that he had a mental deficiency as the results of an IQ, Intelligence Quotient, test his score was 70. The average score for an IQ test was 100, anything below that score means that individual is cognitively impaired. He should not have been charged for the crime or give the punishment that he received, but the score was not low enough.
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