Conviction Movie Analysis

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I am doing my paper on the movie Conviction. The movie was from 2010 and portrays a working mother going to the extent to represent her brother for a crime he didn’t commit. Her hard working efforts broke her marriage apart and made her life quite difficult but despite all the speed bumps, she stayed true to her promise. Also, her brother Kennedy Waters inspired her to go to Law school to be his lawyer. This essay will foreshadow the process through law, process of getting arrested, and show how manipulation can make you second guess yourself or others. Also, this movie proves mistakes can be made in a case and Bethany proved the mistake being made. There were times Kennedy hated his life so bad, he did try to commit suicide. Through all the hard times, when he didn’t believe in himself, Bethany was there through thick and thin. In Kennedy Waters case, the facts where Kathrine Brow had been murdered with thirty stab wounds, bullet to her head, and gashes in her head. The police had reason to believe Kennedy was guilty for the murder. When Nancy went to try to arrest him, he had scratches on his face and cuts on his fingers. Kennedy was constantly having interaction with the police. In his yonger years, he and his sister would get picked up by the police for breaking and entering. Also, his temper got him in trouble from getting arrested and going through jail time. For example, he was disrespectful to the police, got in bar fights, and attempted to assault cops in
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