Conviction Of Brendan Dassey Of ' Making A Murderer ' Gets Overturned Essay

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Analytical Essay – Conviction of Brendan Dassey of ‘Making A Murderer’ Gets Overturned The Situation Almost every day, we hear about justice being served upon criminals and we, as a society, feel a sense of relief that another threat to the public has been sentenced to a term in prison, where they will no longer pose a risk to the world at large. However, there are very rare occasions where the integrity of the justice system gets skewed and people who should not have been convicted are made to serve heavy prison sentences. When word of this judicial misstep reaches the public, there is social outcry, and we begin to question the judicial system for committing such a serious faux pas. The Particular Prior to his arrest and conviction, Brendan Dassey was a 16-year-old high school sophomore, and was described as a very shy boy who didn’t say much and a slow learner with “really, really bad grades” (Dassey v. Ditmann). He had no prior contact with law enforcement, and in school, he followed the rules and didn’t cause any trouble. However, Dassey also suffered from intellectual deficits, such as a “low average to borderline IQ,” difficulties in understanding certain aspects of language, difficulties with expressing himself verbally, as well as difficulties in the “social aspects of communication,” which included “understanding and using nonverbal cues, facial expressions, eye contact, body language, [and] tone of voice” (Dassey v. Ditmann). Due to his intellectual deficits,

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