Conway Twity And Loretta Lynn: Music Analysis

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I chose to do my album review on Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn – The Definitive Collection (App Coll CDisc 994). Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn were one of the best-known country music duos, with fourteen top-ten singles, five of which reached number one, and twelve hit albums. Conway Twitty was born two counties out of the Appalachian region in Coahoma County, Mississippi. Loretta Lynn, however, was born in Johnson County, Kentucky in the heart of Appalachia. Conway began his music career as a “rockabilly” artist, but was redirected to his country roots in the mid-sixties and quickly became a country balladeer. Loretta was rising to fame around the same time and the two met in the late 1960’s. Their joint career took off after their first duet together in 1971 (“After The Fire Is Gone”). In the liner notes for this album, “After The Fire Is Gone” was described as a “ballad tinged with bluegrass-style harmonies.” The chemistry between Loretta and Conway is played up in everything written about them as a duet, so viewings of them singing together rather than simply…show more content…
The instruments used were typically the electric guitar, the drums, a tambourine, and electric bass. Though the instruments are crucial to music, the true appeal of Conway and Loretta as a duo was their voices and their ability to harmonize together. Even in a song such as “Letters”, in which a vast majority of the lyrics are spoken rather than sung, their voices flow together in a way that is uncommon for typical conversation. The power behind their voices and the stories that the lyrics told led many people to believe they had an affair together. Song lyrics such as the ones in “It’s True Love” and how they performed it, singing to each other almost, led to these assumptions. Nonetheless, they both denied ever having an affair, attesting to only a strong
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