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Kimberly Craig-Assignment #2 Chapter 6 1. Choose a small section of the narrative of the plagues in Exodus 7-12, and identify the parts of the passage that you would attribute to J, E, and P. What characteristics phrases and themes of each source occur in the passage? Gnat and boils seems to belong to P, flies, cattle, hail, and locusts, and darkness go to J. E may be in the blood and locusts, but only a hint. 4. Compare Exodus 14 and 15. How do the prose and poetic accounts of the event at the Re(e)d Sea differ? In Exodus 14, the P version has them on the floor of the sea. In Exodus 15, the Romans were on the sea surface. It really all boils down to who could tell the bigger tale, like a proverbial fish story, it gets bigger as…show more content…
4. What is the connection between the principal religious festivals in ancient Israel and the agricultural cycle? The three pilgrimage festivals in Exodus 34.22-23 correspond to the three principal harvests: reaping barley, reaping and measuring grain, and gathering. 6. Discuss some theories that help explain the concepts of purity and impurity. The traditional translations of “clean” and “unclean” are misleading, due to the fact that they do not deal with being clean or not, but rather if something is suitable for human use, and use for ritual. Unclean is unsuitable for either purpose. Factors that may contribute to these are, health, cultural differences, senses of order, relationships to sex and death. But none of these take into account taboos and prohibitions. Chapter 9 1. Compare the narratives of Israel’s wilderness sojourn in Numbers with the summary presentations in Psalms 78 and 106. The narrative of Israels wilderness sojourn in Numbers is similar to the summary of presentations in Psalms 78 and 106. In both, the people complain about the food that they are given and God punishes them. The Israelites complain, and when God hears them, he becomes angry. 2. How does the Documentary Hypothesis help explain the complicated geography and accounts of rebellions in Numbers? To what extent does the book of Numbers preserve traditions earlier than J,E,P? The only way I could make heads or tails was honestly by reading different themes. Chapter 10
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