Cookies: The Story Behind The Blossoms

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This story is about a girl named Blossom that is 27 years old and a cookie on her desk. Blossom was new to the job and she worked at a desk on the computer. It was the start of her third day at work.

Blossom woke up and went to go wash her face. When she was done the doorbell rang and at the door was a delivery man out loud to herself she said “ I did not order anything” The delivery man said, “ someone told me to give these to this location.” She looked down to find in his hands a bouquet of flowers, the flowers were a bouquet of pink roses. Blossom took the flowers out of his hands and said: “ thank you.” She finished getting ready and started driving to work. When she arrived at work there was a cookie with no note or anything just the cookie. The cookie was a chocolate cookie with chocolate chips in it. Blossom gratefully ate the cookie and got to work

The next day, Blossom did the same thing and washed her face. The doorbell rang AGAIN and it was the delivery man with a
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More and better things came to her door and desk. She washed her face expecting a flower bouquet, but before she washed her face the doorbell rang she thought the deliver man was just early. She soon found out she was wrong at the door was a Micro Mini Pomeranian ( dog ). Then she washed her face and the doorbell rang again and at the door was the delivery man with a fruit bouquet in his hands. It was all strawberries and pineapples. The pineapples are shaped like hearts. She was now excited to get to work. When she got to work there was an all white plain cake or so she thought, but when Blossom cut it in half there was a red heart in it. Also, there was a teddy bear with a note on it. She read the note out loud to herself and it said “ Happy valentine's day hope your day shines just as much as mine will when I take you out to “Lunch?” If you say yes here's the address. 15411 W McDowell Rd, Goodyear, AZ
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