Cooking For A Cause: A Case Study

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In order to increase the capacity to nourish low -income families and to enhance food purchasing and preparation skills, a six-week cooking program, Cooking for a Cause, will be implemented in the local food pantry, Christ the King Food Pantry, in Concord, NH. Studies have shown that community nutrition intervention leads to a significant increases in self-reported knowledge of food preparation, positive food purchasing practices, and confidence in following a recipe and carrying out basic cooking skills. The Concord community is largely composed of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) beneficiaries and low-income individuals who are faced with the challenge of inadequate health, education, and resources. The goal of Cooking for a Cause is to increase capacity to nourish low-income families on a budget and to enhance food purchasing and preparation skills. Short term objectives for the program are that during the first year of this program, at least four, six-week programs will be conducted.…show more content…
A medium term objective is to expand the outreach of the cooking classes to other state food pantries, with the support of the NH Food Bank. A second object is to have at least 10% of graduates who have partaken in the program later serve as paid assistants in future classes. Lastly, the program will work to obtain funding through the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services to finance public gardens and supply the ongoing community nutrition classes. Classes will be held weekly in six-week sessions, and will consist of a lesson plan regarding a nutritional topic as well as an interactive cooking demonstration where the participants will cook alongside the instructors. This program is free to participants and all materials including equipment and food items will be supplied by the program each
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