Cooking Mistakes Happen Every Day At My House

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Cooking mistakes happen every day at my house. I am either chasing a wild toddler, feeding a hungry baby, or preoccupied with another activity to watch my food constantly. Cooking is in every aspect of life: meal time, family get togethers, parties, holidays, celebrations, etc. No matter how much you love or despise the activity, everyone cooks at some time during their life. Here are 4 common cooking blunders and the solutions to make the food edible. Burned Food Around our household, burned food is the most common mistake. I always get preoccupied with some other task, and the edges of our meal always get burned. The best way to solve this problem is to transfer any unburned food to a separate pan. Then, set the new pan in cold water to prevent the burned flavor and stop anymore cooking. Once the food cools, the only way to remove the burned flavor completely is to cover the food with a slightly damp towel for 3 minutes. Sticky Food Have you ever made rice or pasta and it all clumped together? The best way to solve this cooking problem is to run the food under hot water for about 30 seconds. Fried food also has the problem of sticking together. You do not want to run water over the fried food. Instead, set the pan in cold water and gently un-stick the pieces from each other with a flexible spatula. Food That is Too Salty I am a big fan of salt, so when I believe there is too much salt in a particular dish, we have problems. Soups are notorious for being too…

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