Cool : How The Brain 's Hidden Quest For Cool Drives Our World Essay

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For something to be considered as cool, it needs to gain the interest of people and has to manage to satisfy them because without interest and satisfaction, something will not be taken into account to be valued. Authors of Cool: How the Brain 's Hidden Quest for Cool Drives Our, Economy and Shapes Our World, Steven Quartz and Anette Asp, emphasis how cool can change in society to conform to what is currently important in the economy. “Cool’s social signals changed to reflect the qualities highly valued in a knowledge economy. Whereas rebel cool was all about rebelliousness, DotCool is about unconventionality, creativity, and learning” (Steven Quartz and Anette Asp 213). It is important to note that creativity and unconventionality gain the interest of people and learning achieves a fulfillment of knowledge among people that ends in satisfaction. In today’s modern society, things need to be up to date with the newest and latest trends, which are usually associated with fashion, technology, music, activities, and more to be labeled as cool and sold in the economy. The media tends to target these areas to make sure the public is well aware of what is currently popular, so people can become curious and look more into it to eventually buy it. Focusing more on technology, the media has promoted consumer items such as iPhones and have managed to intrigue a lot of the youth population especially teenagers. IPhones are mainly attracted to the youth for the reason that they

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