Cooler Research Answers

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Cooler Evidence The body would likely be able to fit inside the cooler because according to question 1, the cooler had a labeled capacity of 162 quarts, and through converting Kirsten K body’s volume from liters to quarts, we found her body to be 62.9 quarts. Being less than 162 quarts, we determined that Kirsten K’s body would be able to fit inside the cooler. The suspects tried to dispose of the cooler by wrapping it in chains and sinking it in a lake. In question 3, we calculated the mass of the water displaced using the density of the lake water and the volume of the cooler if it sank 1 cm (from question 2). Using that number, which turned out to be 4.99 kg, and the weight of the cooler, chain, and body, we found out how many centimeters
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