Cooperation Between Sociology And Christianity Essay

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As a Christian, I believe that sociology is an important part of being able to spread the gospel to nonbelievers. If you do not understand society, then you cannot possibly think that you can adequately connect with others in society. So I would agree completely with most of this selection of reading. I agree specifically with the importance of cooperation between Sociology and Christianity. I would specifically agree more with the Horse and Carriage model. The importance of faith would make it the horse. I take this stance because I believe that you need faith more than anything. They have different goals and their points of focus are different. Something I would disagree with in this specific section of reading would be the view of the freezer treatment. You should never just stop investigating something just because it does not completely correlate with your beliefs. I personally believe that you should start investigating more. Too often in American society, people do not do their own research. They just follow what they are told and move on. I agree, however, with what…show more content…
I believe in God, that he is the creator of everything, and one day his Son will be returning to judge all people. Our society today virtually laughs at my beliefs. Our society has become so egotistical and self-pleasing that a higher power giving them rules to live by and judging them is absolutely ridiculous. “How dare someone else tell me how to live my life? They do not know my feelings,” is the common view. However, my faith allows me to live out a Christ-like life and be an example to those whom I share my faith. So my view as being a Christian living in a worldly self-centered society, is that we are to be shining beacons of light; sharing our faith to all who will listen. If we can understand how society is today, then we can effectively use that knowledge to maximize our ability to spread the good news that Jesus is
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