Cooperative Discipline

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Linda Albert – Cooperative Discipline Linda Albert’s Cooperative Discipline Model was designed to allow teachers to utilize specific strategies to reach individual students and help modify their behavior. According to Albert, students choose their own behavior. As teachers, we cannot control a student’s behavior choices, but we can influence them. “Using a comprehensive approach, "Cooperative Discipline" deals with all three discipline types: corrective, preventive, and supportive. It addresses the topics of student motivation, avoiding and defusing confrontations, ways to reinforce desirable behavior, building student self-esteem, when and how to involve parents and others, and how to discipline cooperatively.” (Albert, L., (1990))…show more content…
Students need to feel capable of succeeding in the classroom, able to connect with their teachers and fellow classmates in positive ways, and be given the opportunity to contribute to the class and the school. Collaboration with parents is also important. Parents can be included in the development of the class code of conduct and be given the opportunity to provide their input. When conferencing with parents about a problem with their child, a teacher should discuss the intervention and encouragement strategies he or she plans to use to help the child choose better behaviors. Parents can be asked to follow these strategies at home and take a hand in improving their child’s behavior. Research shows that Cooperative Discipline is effective in the classroom. It has proved to improve the overall learning environment, as well as improve parental involvement, school climate, instructional effectiveness, achievement and classroom and school-wide discipline. It has also been found to provide more teaching time in the classroom, as less time needs to be spent addressing behavior problems. (Robinson, D. (1996) p 34.) I would definitely implement Albert’s Cooperative Discipline Model in my classroom. I believe it is an effective way to get students involved in the way their class is run, and being involved would encourage them to comply to the rules they help set. I feel it is
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