Cooperative Learning : A Successful Instructional Strategy

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There are multiple strategies and theories in the education world that allow for student success and growth. One strategy that some teachers use to promote effective classroom management is a strategy called cooperative learning. Cooperative learning is a successful instructional strategy that allows student learning and positive social-behavior skills to foster based on small group work where each group member’s success is dependent on one another. Cooperative learning is an efficient strategy to include diverse learners and students who may have struggles in behavior management to build upon their skills by working with their peers.
What is Cooperative Learning?
What exactly is the idea of cooperative learning? Cooperative
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In a cooperative learning classroom setting the teacher becomes the resource or tutor for the students, but they do not provide all of the course content. Students find the content themselves through research, teamwork, and critical thinking. Instructors willing to implement the cooperative learning approach in their classrooms must be willing to take risks, see learning from different perspectives, and engage in the critical thinking of their students (Vermette & Foote, 2001).
Benefits of Cooperative Learning Cooperative learning is more than just letting students sit next to each other and complete an assignment together. If implemented the wrong way cooperative learning can become ineffective for the students, therefor stunting their ability to grow as learners. A cooperative learning environment will exist if groups are structured in a way that group member’s co-ordinate activities to facilitate one another’s learning (Van Dat, 2013). In order to achieve this kind of environment there are five elements that must be present in a cooperative learning classroom: positive interdependence, face-to-face interaction, individual accountability, interpersonal & social skills, and group processing. Let’s look further into these give elements to have a better understanding of cooperative learning. In order for cooperative learning to be successful students need to be able to reflect on what they learned as a group to ensure all members have an
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