Cooperative Learning And Cooperative Learning

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I believe every learner is exceptional and gains knowledge in their own unique way. Well, one learner may learn best visually, another may learn best kinesthetically and then another may learn best verbally. Therefore, you shouldn’t restrict yourself to teaching in just one way either. It is imperative that you approach a concept in various ways and give the learner several opportunities to explore the concept. I believe that the student should take ownership in the learning process and the teacher should be a facilitator of knowledge in the classroom. Therefore, the teacher should assist the learner to their highest potential and encourage them along the way and give them prompt feedback. Learners should collaborate together to build upon their prior knowledge and share their ideas and hypothesizes on various concepts. I believe the learner should be evaluated on a competence based model.
A cognitivism theory that aligns with my belief statement is cooperative learning. Cooperative learning is where students work in small groups on a common task or project while the teacher acts as a facilitator (Coffey, 2017). In my belief statement I stated, learners should collaborate together and build upon their prior knowledge, this is the core of cooperative learning.
A behaviorist theory that would coincide with my beliefs in prompt feedback. Behaviorist believe in conditioning and rely completely on reinforcement (Weibell, 2011). The experimenter or teacher directly controls
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