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Cooperative Learning Method 1 Running Head: COOPERATIVE LEARNING METHOD Cooperative Learning Method Büşra Seher Koç Research Project Erciyes University-Kayseri Cooperative Learning Method 2 Introduction Cooperative learning is part of a group of teaching/learning techniques where students interact with each other to acquire and practice the elements of a subject matter and to meet common learning goals (Macpherson, 2000, p.1). In other words, it is a learning method that consists of groups of students coming together for a common purpose. Cooperative learning has been the center of worldwide attention because it has been shown to have strong effects on student learning, as well as other positive outcomes (Tran, 2013, p. 101). This paper explains the core elements of cooperative learning method. Cooperative learning is defined in Tran’s article (2013) as “the instructional use of small groups so that students work together to maximize their own and one another’s learning” (as cited in Johnson & Johnson, 1990c). So, in this learning method, the instructors rely heavily on students’ efforts within their groups. Johnson and Johnson (2002) believes that students are given two responsibilities in cooperative learning groups, one of which being to learn the assigned material and the other being to make sure that all other members of their group do likewise. When it comes to the importance of this method, it is obvious that it stems from the number of teachers using
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