Cooperative Method of Teaching Maths

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USING COOPERATIVE LEARNING TO FACILITATE THE EDUCATION OF LIBERIA’S YOUTH IN THE NEW MILLENNIUM INTRODUCTION With the ending of the war in Liberia, the transitional period of an interim government, and the election of a new leader to carry the country into the new millennium, a new chapter has begun in the continuing history of the Liberian people. One would hope that the process of nation building is in full swing and all endeavors are underway to bring Liberia back to a state of normalcy, out of the darkness of despair and hopelessness that had engulfed the country for the past fifteen years. One of the most important focus of this building process should be the youth of the nation. A sound investment in the future of Liberia must…show more content…
It involves small groups of learners working together as teams to solve problems, complete a task, or accomplish common goals. The small group of learners must promote each other’s learning, must promote each other’s success, and hold each other personally and individually accountable to do his or her fair share of the work [4]. First, group members must perceive that they are part of a team and that they all have a common goal. Second, group members must realize that the problem they will solve is a group problem and that all members will share the group’s success or failure. Third, to accomplish the group’s goal, all students must talk with one another---to discuss all problems. Finally, it must be clear to all that each member’s individual work has a direct effect on the group’s success. Teamwork is important. It is not cooperation learning if students sit together in groups and work on problems individually. It is not cooperative learning if students sit together in groups and let one person do all the work and the others just put their names on the final product. It is not cooperative learning if students do a task individually with instructions that the ones who finish first are to help the slower students. In the real world, most practical problems are addressed by groups, committees and organizations, rather
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