Cooperatively Focused Experiences

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1. Tell us about a challenging problem you faced and how you resolved it. (Limit your response to 250 words or less.)* Although I am a fairly tall person at six feet, I am considered on the short side in the world of competitive volleyball, especially as a middle hitter. In volleyball, the ability to reach above the opponent provides an absolute advantage, and with an average jump height of around a foot, I was almost always outdone in contests of reach when I first started playing competitively. To make matters worse, my other obligations, such as music, prevented me from joining the local club for additional training. I loved the sport too much to quit and I was too competitive to settle for always being beaten, so I worked with what I had…show more content…
One example is my involvement in several orchestras as a cellist (9 years). Despite having section leaders, true leadership and collaboration could only be achieved by each individual’s efforts. I learned to pay close attention to my peers within and outside my section; the players in the back would have to start earlier, while the first stands would preemptively motion for the beginning of each phrase in order for the sound reach the audience at the same time, and each instrumental section needed to be aware of the other sections. We would work hard to help anyone who was struggling, as a single misplaced note would hurt the whole orchestra. Having experienced every aspect of this organic leadership and teamwork from bottom to top, I have polished my ability to work with others. Whether it be the ability to notice details about each member or to recognize the appropriate time to step up as a leader or step back and allow others to come forward, I have experienced various forms of collaboration from a multitude of perspectives in vastly different fields that would enrich the culture of the community. I feel that my experience and understanding of teamwork would fit in perfectly at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and could, in turn, strengthen relationships and teamwork in the excellent
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