Coopers Creek

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Case Study

Coopers Creek and the New Zealand wine industry
Heather Wilson and Maureen Benson-Rea
This case describes the growth of a medium-sized New Zealand winery – Coopers Creek. It is concerned with the changing collaborative arrangements employed by Coopers Creek to service domestic and international markets since its inception. These changes are set against the background of a small, rapidly internationalising industry within a global market environment. Readers are encouraged to analyse Coopers Creek’s value chain configuration over time in the context of the changing value system/network in order to consider future strategic options.

Background to Coopers Creek
Between 1990 and 2004, Coopers Creek and the New Zealand wine
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** $NZ1 = approx. c0.53. Source: Statistics New Zealand and Coopers Creek.

bit crazy and it is likely there’s going to be a bit of oversupply down there so I think, at some point, land will become available. . . . Some of the smaller blocks aren’t particularly economic and, if the price of grapes goes down, they’re going to want to sell. So, at that point, we’ll be able to buy some there as they’re good, proven areas.’ The land purchases and leasing arrangements supported a changing varietal focus,
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