Coordinating Healthcare : Moving Away From A Silos

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Coordinating Healthcare: Moving Away from a Silos in Healthcare
Jordie Laidlaw
Nursing 408
University of Northern British Columbia

Coordinating Healthcare: Moving Away from a Silos in Healthcare
A major detriment to the quality of patient care in British Columbia is the fragmentation of the healthcare system. Rather than operating under a single organization, a patient’s care is divided among various specialized areas such as hospitals, mental health facilities and clinics. Kripalani, LeFevre, Phillips, Williams, Basaviah, & Baker (2007) reports there is a discontinuity between acute hospital care and community healthcare, which is brought about by divisions of labour. This may also be exacerbated by the tendency of separate healthcare facilities to operate independently of one another, with differing policies, administration and financials. Ensor’s (1988) idea of a “silo” organization reflects the current system of healthcare delivery in British Columbia. Each healthcare area is highly developed in specific functions but transfer of care between these specialist facilities is difficult due to differing policies, language, records systems, priorities and channels of communication between them. It has been shown that poor communication between health care areas can lead to poor patient outcomes (Davis, Devoe, Kansagara, Nicolaidis, & Englander, 2012). Fragmented healthcare and communication deficits have been shown to have negative effects on patient care…
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