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Marchelle Smith
SPE-350 Special Education Litigation and Law
September 23, 2013
Angel Barkel Least Restrictive Environment Interview Lynne Smoak is the coordinator for our district in the special education department. She has been with our district for over 25 years in special education. She became the coordinator in 1994 and she feels that all our students should feel that they are important and that their education is important. Lynn graduated from Salisbury University with a Masters in Special Education. She has been involved in the reading literacy program within our district for more than 10 years. Lynne was a special education teacher for more 10 years and she loved teaching her students.
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We develop skills and trainings for those that need help in building academics in emotional, social and behavioral areas. In some cases we may implement both direct deliveries in the and out of the class depending on the student’s needs. We may find that it is more helpful to allow student to work some in the class then alone in an individual setting. If there is a student who has need beyond our capabilities then we would inquire of the Maryland State Department of Education approved nonpublic schools.
3. How are parents involved in the determination of LRE for their child?
Lynne: We give parent the right to state their opinion about what they feel is best for their children. We have IEP meetings with all appropriate team members and include the parents and inform them of all that we have developed to help their child. We give them access to all pertinent information, records and laws that will give them all the information they need to understand what is theirs’ and their child’s rights. Involving parent is a big part of making a decision for our students and we want to make all parties a part of the process. Having a parent input is important to our decision making process because it is for the good of their child.
4. Has there ever been an incident where a parent advocated for an LRE environment for their child? How did the district respond?
Lynne: We have had incidents where parents have advocated for an LRE
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