Coors' Balanced Scorecard Essay

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Question 1 Link the Coors vision statement to Coors key business strategies or “six planks”. Are there any gaps? Coors key business strategies or “six planks” are overall well aligned with the company’s vision statement. Coors key business strategies, baseline growth, incremental growth, product quality, distributor service, productivity gains and people can be associated to Coors’ vision to focus on continuing to build upon its existing foundation by improving quality, service, boosting profitability and developing employee skills. The emphasis on improving quality and service should increase Coors’ products’ popularity, which in theory should lead to baseline growth of its key brands and should increase its chances to incrementally…show more content…
The goal to eliminate non-value added time and waste, and relentlessly pursue continuous improvement can be linked to its vision of quality improvement and innovation as ways to appear as a top brand to beer drinkers. Coors view of inventory as a liability instead of an asset can be linked to its vision statement’s goal of becoming more cost competitive. While inventory is an asset in accounting terms, it is considered a liability in the Lean Manufacturing world. It is viewed as a liability because it becomes obsolete, expiration dates need to be tracked continuously, it gathers dust and rust, occupies valuable warehouse space, gets damaged, has to be constantly moved, and has no value to the company or its customers. Coors spends its valuable assets, including financial, manpower and time to take care of inventory, without receiving any return on this investment. The rest of Coors business strategies can be linked to its vision statement at a high level. For example, knowing the customers expectations and knowing the company’s costs allows the company to more accurately set its production goals and prices which would lead the company overall to compete successfully. Question 3 Provide possible explanations for the performance gaps identified by Coors benchmarking analysis. CIL Project Performance Non-Monetary Pre
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