Coors : Coors And The Brewing Industry

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Coors Case Study This is an analysis of Adolph Coors in the Brewing Industry. Adolph Coors opened operations in 1873 in Golden, Colorado. After surviving through the prohibition, Coors expanded and maintained a set geographic area, including 11 states in the western United States, to operate in until 1975. During this time the company experienced an impressive steady increase in sells year to year, increasing from 90,000 barrels up to 12.3 million barrels in 1974.
Volume decreased for the first time in over twenty years in 1975 by four percent, during that same time Coors started to push out further in an attempt to become a national brand. 1985 marked a major year for the company as it set records in volume sold and revenues from the brewing division. Between 1975 and 1985 there were major changes in the company that eventually led to the company possibly opening its second brewing facility in history in Virginia. Through these years there were many new strategies implemented to foster this growth. In this paper I will diagnose key decisions, analyze potential solutions and show the actions needed to achieve the suggested changes.
Although through the years leading up to 1974 there was increasing profit and volume every year, there were missed open and key opportunities by Coors. The reasons remain unclear as to why they were not capitalized on. For instance, through the 60’s and 70’s there was a large demand that was not being fulfilled locally in the states Coors was…
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