Cop-Killing Videos: Negative Effects On Social Behavior

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Mr. and Mrs. Gaytsoff Hades have contacted me to do experiments on whether or not watching cop-killing videos to close to the television effects their child’s social behavior. Their son, Devilon has had problems fitting in with his peers at school. He also has some odd behaviors such as speaking in made-up ancient languages, performing in satanic rituals, and even performing in animal sacrifices. The parents have been accused of child abuse for allowing Devilon to watch these videos close to the television, but they think that this is not the case. Bottom line, they want me to conclude if watching cop-killer videos too close to the television have any negative influences of behavior. I will be conducting three experiments to test this theory. …show more content…

Each group will include thirty students. The groups will be split up by the distance they sit from the television while watching cop-killing videos, the first group of thirty students are students who classify themselves as people who sit really close to the television (as least five feet or closer), the next group will be people who classify themselves as people who sit farther away from the television while watching the videos (5 feet or more away), and the last group will be made up of thirty students who say that they never watch co-killing videos at all. All of the ninety students will have an hour to play the video game Grand Theft Auto. This is a video game that is usually very violent, but it does not have to be. In this game, the character is allowed to either run around the city killing people (including cops), or the character can do other activities such as driving around, flying airplanes, and swimming. They will be told to play the game however they wish too. While they are playing, I will be video tapping the television and later go back and time how much time the students spend doing violent activities in the game, and also how much time they spend doing non-violent activities while playing the game. Just like the non-experiment design, the data from the quasi-experiment will also be collected using correlational data. I predict that …show more content…

My reasoning for finding new participants is so that there is no carry over affect from the older participants. For example, the older participants might want to change how they played the video game this time from the last time. The students who spent more time driving around would maybe start doing more violent acts this time around simply because they were bored of their old ways. Therefore, in order to have no carry over effect at all, I will find new participants. In my experiment room, I will measure three different distances away from a television using measuring tape. The distances will be then marked on the ground with tape. The distances I will measure are one foot, five feet, and ten feet. I chose these three different distances because one foot away from the television is extremely close, five feet away is an average distance people sit away from a television, and ten feet is a farther distance away. The sixty participants will be randomly assigned to the distance they sit from the television (1, 5, or 10 feet away), and then will be shown five minutes’ worth of cop-killing videos. As soon as the videos are over, they will be told to play Grand Theft Auto with no directions of how to play, just like the last experiment. Just like the Quasi-Experiment, I will record the television while they play GTA for an hour and record

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