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Copenhagen, written by the renowned author Michael Frayn, is a captivating and out of the ordinary play. The play happens to be based mostly in Copenhagen, Denmark. Frayn’s Play takes place in the afterlife, as three characters reminisce and try to sort through particularly interesting details of their lives, including the infamous meeting between two of the characters; Werner Heisenberg and Niels Bohr. Copenhagen proved to be a much more difficult read than expected, with very little logic and no set plot. There tended to be some organizational errors, and a problem with the clarity of the overall play, and use of language. Three characters by the name of Werner Heisenberg, Niels Bohr, and Margrethe Bohr, are able to come together and …show more content…
Frayn use of the blending of the characters lines prove to be a bit too much, as you had to pay attention much more deeply to understand who was saying what and who started the original line: Heisenberg: “All the same, I don’t tell Speer that the reactor…”, Margrethe: “…will produce plutonium….” Therefore the logic of the play is somewhat contradicted. Frayn seem to have made Margrethe, Bohr’s wife, represent the general audience, and with her around the two men put everything in layman terms for Mrs. Bohr. There were instances in the play when Margrethe acted as somewhat of the stage directions that are usually in plays, that inform the audience and actual characters what is being one: Margrethe: “So they’re walking again, He’s done it, and if…..” On the other hand there were some organizational issues that presented itself with Copenhagen being a play. There was a particular matter; the play did not include stage directions, which indicate gestures, or movements of the characters. It is only the communication between the words that the characters are saying. The author Michael Frayn also appeared to not include exits or entrances in the play, as Copenhagen was a single conversation between the two Bohr and Heisenberg and at times Margrethe. Also there were some
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