Coping Coping

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Coping is a very complex process that varies according to the many variables occurring in a situation. In the process of assessing ourselves it is important to choose coping strategies that are productive. However, we choose coping mechanisms that are not helpful and can be detrimental to ourselves.
Life in today’s fast-paced world is complex, with more stressors and less direct social support than in the past generations. Being exposed to multiple life stressors has been shown to leave people vulnerable to illness, and other negative out comes. It is vital for personal mental health to develop effective coping strategies. One of the most common reactions to stressful life events is anxiety. I try and do physical activity moving around and getting the heart rate up which, causes the body to release endorphins, our good hormones. So, setting a daily goal for 20-30 mins to take a walk, go swimming, sunbathing, or dancing will do just that. Physical activity also helps the body become healthier and fortifies me against illness, which is another possible stressor.
Reading is also an escape for me, because I escape from reality and it de-stresses me by taking my mind off everyday stressors. But I also get to caught up in the book and don’t want to put it down. So, then I must make time for the reading between school and work.
Having a creative outlet such as listening to music, coloring with my granddaughter is also a great way to relax and relieve stress.
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