Coping Skills Training For Parents Of Children With Type 1 Diabetes

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esearch critique for nursing research article “coping Skills Training for Parents of Children with Type 1 Diabetes” Gray. The title describes the study population accurately but in my opinion the tile is not the best fit for the study since it doesn’t accurately describe the comparison methodology of the experiment. The title includes Coping Skills Training but one doesn’t know that it is compared for effectiveness against General Education. More fitting title for example would be “Comparison of effectiveness of Coping Skills Training to General Education for Parents and children with Type 1 Diabetes” Although the research article does not have a section titled as abstract possibly due to the required format for publication it does have…show more content…
The study does make a compelling argument about continuation of the study with amended research designs. The authors have used a sample of generally white patients which were in middle to high socioeconomic status. The Quality of Life survey which was given at the inception of the study does show that the reported score on the survey is not fully representative on the general population. Generally the participants had presumed adequate coping skills and already well controlled T1d. Such sample of population which is not adequately representative of population which may greatly affect the research outcome. Further more detailed study is strongly proposed by the authors because of other studies which show conflicting research findings on youth Hb1Ac control. Research findings from similar studies also suggest that education about how to care for child and adolescent with diabetes must be provided to the entire family unit. ( Silverstein, et al Diabeted Care).The problem has a very big significance in nursing clearly illustrating the need for assessing the family as a whole when dealing with chronic illnesses especially when patients are very young and not able to adequately care for themselves. I
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