Coping Strategies For Pediatric Patients Essay

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Coping Strategies for Pediatric Patients
Lauren Ventura
Queensborough Community College
NU 201

Professor G. Colalillo
November 2016 Abstract
A hospital is a daunting place and is often associated with pain, blood, illness and death. The uncertainty of what’s to come as well as being surrounded by unfamiliar faces and equipment can be a traumatizing experience for patients of any age. Now imagine being a child being in a place filled with strange sounds and serious conversations about things they don’t understand. Pediatric patients are faced with physical, emotional and psychosocial challenges that are consequences of being diagnosed with a chronic or acute illness. Long hospitalizations, treatments, and surgeries can leave a child feeling anxious, fearful and hopeless in an intimidating environment. Humor and distraction methods are a classified nursing intervention frequently used by pediatric nursing staff as well as large-scale hospitals, facilities and foundations. Research is being done to evaluate the responses and outcomes of using humor as a coping mechanism during the patients distressing time.

In this study, research is conducted to evaluate numerous activities to implement humor in pediatric clinical settings as well as determining the appropriate and inappropriate use of humor in the various stages of childhood development. However, little scientific research is done about using humor as a coping strategy and it is impressively supported

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