Coping With Anxiety And Anxiety

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Coping with Anxiety.
Nicorelys Rodriguez.
PSY 100 / 1700.
Prof. Beryl Duncan Wilson.
Borough of Manhattan Community College.

Coping with Anxiety
Literature review
In 2013, associate professor of psychology at the University of California, Kate Sweeny and her researchers surveyed 230 law school graduates for a period of four months after taking their bar exam in July 2013 ( J. Hoffman, 2015). The purpose of her research was to focus on the waiting period during which the person is uncertain of the outcome of a life situation and how they manage any anxiety that may occur during that time. The individuals that were surveyed in this descriptive research used three different strategies when asked about how they tried to avoid anxiety while waiting on their exam scores. The first group attempted to suppress their fears by trying to not pay attention. The second group sought for silver linings. “They tried to anticipate something good in a bad outcome” Dr. Sweeny explained. The third group used defensive pessimism.
At the end of Dr. Sweeny 's research study what came up is that the people that were calmed down during the waiting period were shattered and paralyzed by the bad news and if they got good news, they were not impress by the results (Dr. Sweeny, 2015). The people who were not doing well during the waiting period actually handled the news much better than the previous set of people. If they received bad news then they were ready for it and had
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