Coping With Stress Essay

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In America and around the world everyday people have stress and they find ways to cope. Stress is a person’s feeling that is created by our body when there is certain event that can cause tension to strain upon our physical, mental, and emotional state. Stress can be caused by being in college, the tests, homework, clinicals and state boards can have an overwhelming amount of pressure. Stress can be physical and mental strain on our body, this can be very harmful. The tragic loss of a loved one can cause tremendous amount of stress. Learning to cope with the diverse types of stress can be beneficial to our health. There are pharmacological ways to help with stress and non-pharmacological ways. Each person copes with stress in their own…show more content…
Transitioning to life at college is exciting and stressful, this will be the best time of their life. Coping with stress during the first year at college, becomes important due to their social-emotional adjustments, but also their academic success. College student’s main stressors is their academics comes in at 50%, and managing time comes in at 43% (DeRosier, 2013). When I became a college student I wasn’t sure what to expect. I am an older college student, that changed from one school to an online school was bit stressful to say the least. Learning how online school worked seemed harder than it was. Once I got everything figured out I planned on how to make my classes work for me and the time I had. I do one set of classes the first part of the week and the second class I worked on it toward the end of the week. It still is stressful but managing my time helps. Adding clinicals into the mix made me stress even more. I wasn’t sure how I would keep up with my school work. I learned that doing breathing exercise, and just taking a break when I feel overwhelmed. When stressed about school you must find out what works for you.
Life’s most Stressful Events is the Loss of a Loved One When we experience loss the fight or flight response kicks in, and wanting to run from what is happening to you. Family stress can be defined from a family, such as death, divorces or even unemployment. A sudden and traumatic loss of a loved one can be
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