Coping with Stress Within Our Lives

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Whether caused by a job termination or simple day-to-day traffic, stress is seen daily in the human life. While it is possible for every person to be affected by stress, the outcomes are clearly different for each individual. Personality differences also can cause stressors to vary between persons. While stress is inevitable within lives and has the potential to affect individuals physically, psychological research has shown that it is also possible to cope with. One of the most difficult aspects of stress is simply the definition. Taylor (1999) defines stress as “a negative emotional experience accompanied by predictable biochemical, physiological, cognitive, and behavioral changes that are directed either toward altering the stressful…show more content…
34). A specific example of seeking information concerning the event causing stress would be the diagnosis of cancer. There may be patients who have cancer that learn their diagnosis do nothing more, while others who are diagnosed will take plenty of time to research the disease, symptoms, and treatment options. Depending on how much knowledge is understood regarding the illness may or may not cause more stress within a person’s life. The patient who has taken the time to understand the sickness may have less stress due to the fact they understand what the cancer involves. Some patients may try to forget about the stressor all together. This may or may not cause more stress within their life depending the individual. This type of coping style is considered avoidant coping style. Vigilant coping style is described as those individuals who are extremely attentive and want control of the situation (Pitts & Phillips, 1991, p. 38). Sheridan and Radmacher (1992) explain two types of people who may not view many events within their lives as stressful. A hardy personality would be someone who is an extremely committed people, also in control of their lives. These people also may have quite a bit of challenge in their lives. In general, these people view events in life as less stressful, therefore are considered to have less stressors. There is also a group of people that feel a sense of coherence within their lives. These
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