Copper Sulphate And Magnesium Sulphate Essay

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Materials: Metals: • 15 pieces of Cu(s) (copper) • 7 pieces of Mg(s) (magnesium) • 7 pieces of Zn(s) (zinc) Solutions: • H2O(l) distilled water • HCl(aq) hydrochloric acid • CuSO4(aq) copper (II) sulphate • ZnSO4(aq) zinc sulphate • MgSO4(aq) magnesium sulphate • SnCl2(aq) tin (II) chloride • ZnSO4(aq) zinc sulphate • FeSO4(aq) iron (II) sulphate • • Tweezers • Two Spot Plates • Distilled Water Bottle • Safety Glasses • 1 piece of paper • Pen / Pencil Procedure: 1. Gathered all the required materials. 2. Put on safety glasses and made sure any loose clothing is tucked in. 3. Put a 15 pieces of copper with the tweezers on the spot plate in seven different spots. 4. Combined 15 drops of the copper sulphate with a metal. 5. Recorded any observations or if any reaction took place on a piece of paper. 6. Repeated the steps 1-3 with all the solutions that still need to go through the experiment. 7. Repeated the steps 1-4 for the metals that still needed to be placed in the experiment. (7 pieces of Mg(s) and 7 pieces of Zn(s)). 8. Cleaned up work are and discarded waste into waste bucket. 9. Put materials in its correct place. Results: Table 1: The physical observations of the reactions of Cu(s), Mg(s) and Zn(s) with CuCl2(aq), ZnSO4(aq), MgSO4(aq), SnCl2(aq), FeSO4(aq), HCl(aq) and H2O(l). CuSO4 ZnSO4 MgSO4 SnCl2 FeSO4 HCl H2O Mg bubbles, turns black slow reaction, turns black no reaction slow reaction, bubbles slow reaction, bubbles, Mg turns black fast
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