Copper: The Most Important Elements In Everyday Life

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There are many elements that are commonly used and mentioned in everyday life. Oxygen, hydrogen, nickel, potassium, silver, and gold; but there is one element that deserves all the recognition, copper. This handy little element can be found in many places and is very useful, to being welded into armor for gladiators back in 264 BC, to the wiring in everyone’s house., copper is the most helpful element. The discovery of copper dates to prehistoric times, with no sure exact date as to when. Along with gold, copper was one of the first metals to be used by humans. One of the reasons coppers was widely popular was because it was very easy to shape. Since it was very malleable, copper was mixed with other metals, allowing it to become harder. Eventually the need to use copper boomed and became a hit across the world. Coppers atomic number is 29, which means it contains 29…show more content…
Easy to mold, and is a great conductor of heat and electricity. If the surface of copper is exposed to air gradually, it will steadily become dull and brownish in color. Whenever water and air are present, then copper will slowly corrode, which can be seen on rooftops and statues. With its many uses there will sometimes be an unhealthy affect to those who are always exposed to it. Copper can be toxic, this is referred to as copper toxicity or copperiedus. This is the result of too much copper in the body. This is developed by eating acid foods cooked in uncoated copper cookware, or by being exposed to excess copper in drinking water or other sources. There is a difference between organic copper and inorganic copper. Organic copper can be found in food, and is a beneficial micronutrient needed for good health. Inorganic copper, which can be found in wiring, plumbing pipes, sheet metal, cooking utensils, jewelry and pennies, are heavily linked to the same symptoms that are present with the consumption of mercury and
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