Cops Subliminal Messages Essay

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Viewers of the show Cops are victims of the shows ideas, their perception of what happens in the show vs reality becomes altered and molded into what the show wants one to see. Ideas that one pick up from the show are things like cops always being the winners and the majority of criminal’s being uneducated drug addicts, which, majority of them happen to be African American. Although viewers may not realize the ideas that the show is planting in their heads, the viewers unknowingly receive the message. By using Gerber’s Cultivation theory, the process of how the show Cops reshapes conceptions of criminals and cops in reality to its viewers illustrates the effects that the show has on heavy and light users, how they become affected by the mean world syndrome, and the long term affects that the show has on its viewers.
Heavy users of the show Cops becomes an easy target to the shows messages. Heavy users are constantly being exposed to the shows portrayal of a heroic cop who stops at nothing to keep those dimwitted criminals off the streets. Whereas a light viewer who does not get much exposure would not be as affected as those who are heavy users but still they are able to absorb some of the messages that the show gives off. In the article Cultivation theory, it emphasized on how excesses exposure of a TV show will increase its viewers chances of becoming a victim to the shows ideas, “People who watch a lot of television is likely to be more influenced by the ways in which…