Copy Captain Case Study

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Copy Captain! Every year that passes by I lighten up and relax a little more. Captain, for the record, I have issues with bullies wearing the uniform that think they can run over people, mistreat people, and think the law does not apply to them. When you get back to San Diego please take the time to read this Mid-Term Counseling that I did on GMCM Robertson. Also, listen to this recording where GMCM Robertson set up his wife to try to make her look like a monster while he tried to make himself look like an angel something he is far from that. After you read this Mid-Term Counseling and listen to this recording, I would like to get your feedback and I will be open for criticism. I have no doubt that you will be in shock about how GMCM Robertson fell through the cracks and no one in the past did anything to stop this monster…show more content…
Our CMC and Captain Curry (Enlisted CO) are both disgusted with GMCM Robertson's behavior at work and they are very disappointed that he has been getting away with this type of behavior for the last three year at USFF and no one did anything to report him until now. Neither Captain Martin (former N411), Captain Darnell or Mr. Zimmerman wanted to do anything to stop GMCM Robertson since he had them intimidated by telling them that he worked for ADM Davidson twice in the past and that they were very close friends. Both Captain Darnell and Mr. Zimmerman tried numerous times to persuade me no to take on GMCM since they kept telling me that GMCM was a close friend of ADM Davidson and ADM Davidson was going to protect him and nothing was going to happen to him at the end. They both told me that I was going to fail in trying to get rid of GMCM and to leave him alone until he retires in Oct 2017. GMCM Robertson also tried to intimidate me by telling me about his long
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