Copyright And Intellectual Property Are Still Valid

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IPT Essay "Do you agree or disagree that laws relating to copyright and intellectual property are still valid in social media?" Copy right is the limited and flexible legal right, given to the creator for a fixed number of years, to print, publish, perform, film. The copyright law of Australia defines the legally enforceable rights of creators of innovative and artistic works under Australian law. The extent of copyright in Australia is defined in the Australian Copyright Act1968, which applies the national law throughout Australia. Australian-operated websites offering copyright security or Australian registration of copyright for payment of a fee. No such registration or other procedure is necessary for copyright protection in Australia. These websites have no right or ability to guarantee copyright protection. Copyright provides legal protection for people who express ideas and information in certain forms. The most common forms are writing, visual images, music and moving images. Copyright Act 1968, are responsible for the expansion of domestic copyright policy, as well as in engaging globally on copyright issues. Copyright is a type of property that is founded on a person 's creative skill and labour. Copyright protects the form or way an idea or information is articulated, not the idea or information itself. Copyright is not a tangible thing. It is made up of a bundle of exclusive economic rights to do certain acts with an original work or other copyright
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