Copyright Holders And The Copyright

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Copyright holders are given a property right to their work according to section 1 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (CDPA 1988). Thus the right holders are given an exclusive right to their work. Anyone who carries out an act, which is exclusive to the right holders, without obtaining their permission prior to the act, infringes on the copyright holders proprietary rights.
A lot of people have been taking advantage of the internet for the commission of copyright infringement and they do so anonymously. Charleton, J, while dealing with a case of online copyright infringement, explains that ‘it is a problem that not only undermines the business of the content industry, but also ruins the ability of a generation of creative persons to earn a viable living’. In their quest for financial gain in respect of their work and the protection of their work, right holders have, consequently turned against the internet service providers’ who serve as the middlemen, seeking to hold them accountable for the infringement of the offenders using their networks to commit these crime. Consequently, the issue of indirect liability against Internet Service Providers has resulted into a floodgate of litigant wanting to enforce their right. Internet Service Providers were reluctant to interfere with their subscribers’ access to website not until the recent epidemic, where right holders are able to bring action against them and hold them liable for their subscribers’
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